Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Karl

Fuck you for not calling.

Friday, June 18, 2010

dear karl- people when they run

No matter how well dressed or pretty u are. We all look stupid running for the bus.

Monday, June 14, 2010

dear karl

Don't forget. Or rather strive to always remind yourself

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear karl_ shoulders

So in an attempt to build massive shoulders i decided to go swimming. I think shoudlers are critical in making clothes hang well. you can have a big tummy but if you have big shoulders you still have a nice authoritative profile. An Imposing siloughete. imposing yay. I guess imgeeting drawn to that buisnes masculine power jerk look. goodbye androgyn and skinny arms.

Anyways....i started swimming and im at the library studying and i actually like feel super happy. zen like.

am i happy?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear KArl- I had a romantic moment and now im staying up

So i had one of those moments, like in the movies, where it was actually kind of so cliche it was good. And then you feel kind of like a dufus bc after being all angsty on love and romance and then it suddenly presents itself to you, and you cant help but smile. And then you feel like even more of a dufus bc you cant stop smiling.

Im in a place right now where I kind of dont want to know. But I really do. Ya know where your trying to figure out your footing wit that vile person that has now kind of sonsumeed you for the time being. Maybe not knowing is good. Maybe pacing is good. Sometimes games are good. especiallyt when your young. And im young right?

Anyways even if it all goes to shit Im going to remember that time where we stood on opposite side of these five pillars. And we had that moment. And how i felt like a dufus bc you made me smile like a dork.

Universe make it happen. I'll even sacrfice a lamb like they do in the oldschool days.

Dear Karl-

I think the idea of progress is ultimatly what people are ingrained to go after. The poor want to have more money. The rich want more money. Average ppl want to maye with those that are beautiful. Beautiful ppl want to mate with more beautfiful ppl. People are constantly in a state of progression. As time passes they are expected to do moren to get more, to be more. When ppl feel stuck they often feel lost. Without progress they feel their doing nothing. They get angsty. Angry. Maybe progress isn't for everyone. Their are finite resources. Maybe we should just contend with being never more then who we are.I sound obnoxious

Friday, June 4, 2010

dear karl: stories

I try to put my life into a narrative sometimes. Like the kind of stories you see in tv or movies. A story that has structure. But life isn't always like a narrative. I think maybe a lot of ppl struggle and get saf when they can't seem to make sense of their life and put it into like a story for someone to just follow and enjoy. Life for pessimists is often the case of being born living then dying. I guess we all know the begining and end but its the livong part that doesn't always follow that story. Maybe its just random and sporatic. Maybe we suiffer trying to make sense of it?

I don't think my life is some story I can just chronicle and tell ppl. Bc if I truy to do that it isn't really life its just a structure that I formulated so u can follow along.