Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Karl- Dae Jang Geum makes me wanna......

Put on a dress and make me squeeel like a nancy. It's that amazing. Dae Jang Geum aka "Jewel of the Palace" is set in 16th century Korea and i tell ya'll this drama is some pretty potent shit.

The protagonist is this girl named Jang Geum who eventually becomes the first female physcian of Korea. This chick deals with the death of her parents at a really young age. And she chooses to avenge her mothers dying wish by becoming a servant girl and reaching the top ranks as a coook ( one of teh few titles a woman could hold in the court besides concubine aka hoar or queen etc...). Total kill bill scenario minus the kill....and the billl.

This show is slow paced. If subtle nuances and character development isnt your thing try Twilight or Glee. The story build ups really nicely, and you realy start rooting for this girl to succeed despit evrything afced against her. This girl is a class act. *claps" *claps* And one of teh best opening scores EVER!!! Watch This.

Korean drama's for the most part are like crack. They will get you hooked reallly quick, and consume your life. You think of nothing else till you get your next fix. Then you want more and more until its all gone aka your weekend metaphorically could be seen as your life. Anywho Dae jang Geum is the shit.

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