Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Karl - M/V - Fire Crotch


Its not easy listening.

MIA is kind of going for that revolutionary dystopia vibe aka CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS. She's making political commentary. She's gotten her video banned from youtube. But lets keep in mind that this video still cost liek 100000000 dollars to make. Yay to making statement but still spend loads of cash! ARt?

This video relates prob to MIA trying to bring to attention the genocide that is happening in SRi lanka. She's saying kind of that systematic genocide is till happening in the world. And also insulting America. go MIA.

SAy HI to MIA. Hi.

WHat does the song feel like?

It's like when you take caffeine to be more productive, and you realize that you took TOO much and then your heart beats really fast and you cant do your work because your heart and blood is pumping so fast......... Then you get stressed. YOur not getting anything done and then that makes your heart beat faster......

Video of RED HEAD Slaughter!

GInger genocide. wow as distrubinga s that was i think its relvent. Obv Red head in teh video are symbolic of victmizing those that are different. PLace the blame on others. Anti semitis blah blah

BUT i dont think its just symbolic

Red heads get ALOT of hate. Maybe not in like canada( as much) but I remember in the UK they get so much shit. People look and talk about them as if they have leprosy.

Are gingers really that ugly?

UMMM obv not.

Could I imagine the American Gov't sending them to field to begin bombing them? Maybe not. But i guess thsi is "art"or political commentary right.

But ppl do shit liek this...which is like messed up.

This video is kind of really disturbing.

Would it be your worse nightmare if your kid had red hair?

I dated a ginger and I was embaressed (sometimes).

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

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