Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Karl: Denim Cowboy

Ya know it's hard to stay warm in the winter without looks so monochramatic. I've been playing around with layers alot to keep the winter frocks fresh and came up with this at 2 am.

The jacket was from a blow out sale from this coutique in Brick Lane. It's way too big but it's like my little shelter from the cold. I can pretty much fit my whole body in it.

I think mixing denims with bold browns is a pretty classic combo- and it looks pretty casual with the mixture of textures.

I'm ready to build an igloo- bring on the snow.


  1. love the oversized grampa sweater! cozy cozy cozy is key! big fan

  2. looks like you are ready for winter! miss you! :)

  3. Very western-grandpa sweater, indeed.
    Fun, and stylish.