Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Karl- It's Been a Year......

.....and with a new year comes the prospect of new changes. Many people seem to create a framework for how they want the new year to shape out. And like the masses, I too have created myself a little framework.

The changes that I wantt to make in this new millenium are sometimes intangible in their immediate scope. So in reply to this, It's cathartic to take part in something that has more immediecy like changing the way one dresses in order to reflect ones aspirations. So im dabbling into a sort of reinvention of sorts.

For S/S 10 I really am inspired by 70's asian images along with pastel korea.

I feel myself being less drawn to the androgyness, black, android look that i've been so

i felt a need tos ort of reinvent myself to reflect the changes that have happened and goals i wish to achieve. For me clothes is expression, it's my way of creating dicourse with all those around me, without evre saying a word.

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